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October 2020

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    Interview with QuickBooks Pro Advisor, Author Craig Kershaw

    About the Author

    Craig M. Kershaw, CPA, MBA

    Craig Kershaw, CPA, MBA, is a construction industry CFO and Controller with years of experience using accounting systems. He is the managing partner of The CFO Source, a consulting firm that provides senior level financial expertise to small and medium size businesses. A QuickBooks Pro Advisor, the author developed the book as a training tool for construction clients. The author presents continuing education courses on QuickBooks to members of the Maryland Association of CPA’s.

    How did you get your start in accounting?

    I started by getting a degree in accounting and financial management, basically a double major. Started out in college as a finance major. My advisor had a PHD in economics and he insisted that I take all the accounting courses – as he said a finance guy has to understand accounting. Turned out to be very good advice.

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