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    Interview with QuickBooks Pro Advisor, Author Craig Kershaw

    About the Author

    Craig M. Kershaw, CPA, MBA

    Craig Kershaw, CPA, MBA, is a construction industry CFO and Controller with years of experience using accounting systems. He is the managing partner of The CFO Source, a consulting firm that provides senior level financial expertise to small and medium size businesses. A QuickBooks Pro Advisor, the author developed the book as a training tool for construction clients. The author presents continuing education courses on QuickBooks to members of the Maryland Association of CPA’s.

    How did you get your start in accounting?

    I started by getting a degree in accounting and financial management, basically a double major. Started out in college as a finance major. My advisor had a PHD in economics and he insisted that I take all the accounting courses – as he said a finance guy has to understand accounting. Turned out to be very good advice.

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  • Tips and Tricks

    Setting Default Bank Accounts in Quickbooks

    Quickbooks is a handy tool for keeping your business’s finances under control, but Quickbooks is not a solution; it is a tool. The Accounting Pro is here to help you get a handle on that tool so that you can get a handle on your business’s future.

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  • Tips and Tricks

    Why are the Amounts on my QuickBooks financial statements negative?

    Why are the Amounts on my QuickBooks financial statements negative

    Negative balances are usually cause for concern, especially when it comes to your business. However, before you panic, you will be happy to know that a negative balance doesn’t always mean that you’re in the red.

    There can be several reasons why an account would show a negative balance on a Profit & Loss or Balance Sheet report. In most cases, negative balances should be investigated. Sometimes the negative figure is correct, and in other cases, the negative is due to setup problems within QuickBooks. Read more

  • Industry Updates

    The CFO Source and the QuickBooks Blog

    The CFO Source and the QuickBooks Blog

    The CFO Source came about ten years ago when a business associate asked me to help a friend of his set up the accounting for a general contracting firm he was starting. He was adamant about good accounting reports and especially tracking estimated costs versus actual. He bought a copy of QuickBooks and I bought a QuickBooks Pro Advisor membership. My entry into the world of Quickbooks began! Read more

  • Trends

    QuickBooks For Contractors

    Keeping track of the myriad of details necessary to run a successful contracting or construction business can seem to be a daunting task. Specialized software tailored for the construction industry is available, although many of these packages can run well over $10,000. Fortunately for smaller companies that can’t afford such an expense, QuickBooks can be a very viable solution. QuickBooks has numerous features and reports, and can be customized to fit each contractor’s unique situation. Knowing what these features are and getting the most out of QuickBooks can make a significant impact towards your success. Read more